Dr Charles Kahanji

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Senior Lecturer

Academic Qualifications:

  • PhD, Structural Fire Engineering – Ulster University, UK, 2017
  • MSc, Structural Engineering – Wuhan University of Technology, China, 2010
  • BEng, Mechanical Engineering - University of Zambia, Zambia, 2007
Research Interests
  • Concrete (High-performance fibre-reinforced)
  • Structural engineering
  • Fire Safety Engineering
  • Construction materials

Journal Papers:

  1. Y. Wang, C. Bertrand, M. Beshir, C. Kahanji, R. Walls, and D. Rush, “Developing an experimental database of burning characteristics of combustible informal dwelling materials based on South African informal settlement investigation,” Fire Saf. J., p. 102938, Dec. 2019

  2. R. S. Walls, R. Eksteen, C. Kahanji, and A. Cicione, “Appraisal of fire safety interventions and strategies for informal settlements in South Africa,” Disaster Prev. Manag. An Int. J., vol. 28, no. 3, pp. 343–358, Jun. 2019.

  3. N. Alam, A. Nadjai, C. Maraveas, K. Tsarvdaridis, and C. Kahanji, “Effect of air-gap on response of fabricated slim floor beams in fire,” J. Struct. Fire Eng., vol. 10, no. 2, pp. 155–174, Oct. 2019.

  4. C. Kahanji, R. S. Walls, and A. Cicione, “Fire spread analysis for the 2017 Imizamo Yethu informal settlement conflagration in South Africa,” Int. J. Disaster Risk Reduct., vol. 39, p. 101146, Oct. 2019.

  5. A. Cicione, R. S. Walls, and C. Kahanji, “Experimental study of fire spread between multiple full scale informal settlement dwellings,” Fire Saf. J., vol. 105, pp. 19–27, Apr. 2019.

  6. C. Kahanji, F. Ali, A. Nadjai, Effect of curing temperature on the behaviour of UHPFRC at elevated temperatures, Construction and Building Materials, Volume 182, Pages 670-681, doi: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.conbuildmat.2018.06.163

  7. T. Fateh, C. Kahanji, P. Joseph, T. Rogaume, A study of the effect of thickness on the thermal degradation and flammability characteristics of some composite materials using a cone calorimeter, Journal of Fire Sciences. 35 (2017) 547–564. doi:10.1177/0734904117713690.

  8. C. Kahanji, F. Ali, A. Nadjai, Structural performance of ultra-high-performance fiber-reinforced concrete beams, Structural Concrete. 18 (2017) 249–258. doi:10.1002/suco.201600006

  9. C. Kahanji, F. Ali, A. Nadjai, Explosive spalling of ultra-high performance fibre reinforced concrete beams under fire, Journal Structural Fire Engineering. 7 (2016) 328–348. doi:10.1108/JSFE-12-2016-023.

Book Chapters:

  1. R. Walls, C. Kahanji, A. Cicione, and M. J. van Vuuren, “Fire Dynamics in Informal Settlement ‘Shacks’: Lessons Learnt and Appraisal of Fire Behavior Based on Full-Scale Testing,” in The Proceedings of 11th Asia-Oceania Symposium on Fire Science and Technology, Singapore: Springer Singapore, 2020, pp. 15–27.

Conference Papers:

  1. C. Kahanji, F. Ali, A. Nadjai, Residual strength of ultra-high performance fibre reinforced concrete, Structures in Fire Conference, Belfast, United Kingdom, June 2018

  2. C. Kahanji, F. Ali, A. Nadjai, Experimental study of ultra-high performance fibre reinforced concrete under ISO 834 fire, in: V.K.R. Kodur, M.E.M. Garlock (Eds.), Struct. Fire - Proceeding Ninth Int. Conf., Destech Publications, Inc, Princeton, NJ, USA, 2016: p. 165.

  3. C. Kahanji, F. Ali, A. Nadjai, Influence of curing regimes on flexural behaviour of ultra-high performance concrete beams, in: Response Structures Under Extreme Loading, DEStech Publication, Inc, East Lansing, Miami, USA, 2015: pp. 730–737.

Teaching – Course taught:


  • Mechanics of Materials, CEE 3211

  • Theory of Structures, CEE 3222

  • Structural Dynamics, CEE 5232


  • Finite Element Techniques and Stress Analysis, CEE 6221


Contact Details

Mobile: +260 971 746 946

Email: charles.kahanji@unza.zm