Department of Pharmacy

The pharmacy faculty is responsible for teaching the BSc Pharmacy Curriculum with the first intake in 2001. Also introduced by the department recently was the Masters in Clinical Pharmacy which is now running successfully for the second year. For the past three years since 2010, an Undergraduate Parallel Program was introduced. These are mainly students who work part time as pharmacy technicians. Parallel is a full time programme except that classes are held in the afternoons. Presently the department has 8 full-time Lecturers and 4 part-time Lecturers as well as several part-time tutors, who are either pursuing their Masters in Clinical Pharmacy or working as Pharm technicians.
The recent recruitment of Lecturers by the University of Zambia did not leave out Pharmacy and the new Lecturers have been assigned new roles. There is also one departmental secretary and one mail runner.