Department of Physiotherapy

The Department of Physiotherapy welcomes and is open to those with qualifications that satisfy the general University of Zambia requirements to do the physiotherapy programme.The Department of Physiotherapy at the University Teaching Hospital consists of two Units :

  • The School of Medicine Department of Physiotherapy is part of the University of Zambia and is responsible for student training at Bachelors and Masters Degree levels.
  • The University Teaching Hospital Department of Physiotherapy is concerned with physiotherapy clinicals.

The two Units collaborate on many issues like patient problem diagnosis and management, student

Learning and student clinical supervision. These Units are located next to each other.

The objectives of the Department of Physiotherapy are to:

  • Provide full rehabilitation to patients.
  • Provide conducive clinical learning for students.
  • The Department has amongest the facilities a gymnasium which provides fitness to hospital staff and the general public.

The University Teaching Hospital Department of Physiotherapy is subdivided into two sections namely the Outpatient Passive Heat Room and Outpatient Active Room. These sections cater for outpatients with various ailments.