Master of Education - Sociology of Education (Online)

Master of Education - Sociology of Education (online)

M. Ed in Sociology of Education

Aim of the programme

The aim of the Masters Programme in Sociology of Education is to provide a highly trained human resource in Sociology of Education who will teach in institutions of higher learning, service various institutions in the country and work in the Ministry of Education to enhance the quality and quantity of educational provision in the country.

Target Group

This programme is targeted at serving teachers in primary schools, secondary schools, lecturers in colleges of education, universities, personnel in the Ministry of Education with administrative responsibilities and any interested individuals with required qualifications.


The duration for this programme is 1 year 6 months broken down into 12 months coursework and development of a research proposal on an approved topic under supervision, and 6 months fieldwork under attachment to conduct Action research on an approved topic under the guidance of a supervisor appointed by the Department as part of the research methods course, and to write a 12,000-word dissertation of their research. Both the proposal and the dissertation must be completed at the end of the programme. The proposal will be examined at the end of the year while the dissertation will be examined six months later. A candidate who fails one or more courses will be allowed to repeat the course until they meet the conditions for passing that course. The research dissertation will be examined by a committee of examiners, and accepted by the Board of Studies of the Directorate of Research and Graduate Studies. If it is deemed unsatisfactory he /she may submit a revised one within three months for re-examination.

Normally, no candidate will be allowed to proceed to do Action research (Part II) until he /she has completed all the requirements of Part I. The research is undertaken under the guidance of a supervisor who will be appointed by the Department. The examiners may recommend that the dissertation be passed (or passed subject to completion of minor corrections), that it be referred for textual revisions or substantial rewriting, or that it be failed. A candidate whose dissertation has been passed will be awarded the Master of Education Degree in Sociology of Education upon certification that all necessary amendments have been made to the text.

The programme of study will consist of the preparation of a research proposal, under the guidance of a supervisor approved by the Board of studies of the Directorate of Research and Graduate Studies, followed by the preparation and submission of a dissertation. The dissertation should normally be submitted at the end of the 18 months study after registration.

Programme Structure

For a candidate to graduate with an M.Ed in Sociology of Education, he /she must satisfy the following:

  1. Course Work as follows:
  • Three (03) compulsory courses in Sociology of Education
  • One (01) Educational Research Course


  1. Research and Dissertation
  • Undertake Action research on an approved topic under the guidance of a supervisor appointed by DRGS
  • Writing of a dissertation based on the approved topic under the guidance of a supervisor
  • Submission of the dissertation for examination by the Department.

The applicants must possess:

The minimum entrance requirement for a candidate into this programme is B.Ed or B.A degree with Education or related degree with a good credit from the University of Zambia or any other recognized university.

Tuition Fees

Part 1           K16, 789

Part 2          K14, 674


Student Amenities/Recreation          K150.00         

Medical                                            K200.00

Union                                              K150.00$50.00

Maintenance                                   K200.00$60.00

Internet Connectivity                      K200.00$50.00

Student Handbook                         K200.00$60.00

Library                                            K400.00$60.00


Course Work Programmes - PART I

CategoryZambian                                                                                                                          Non-SADC Candidates

Category A: Per Academic YearK13,000.00                                                                                          $7,460.00

Master by Research and Part II of Course Work Programmes

CategoryZambian                                                                                                           Non-SADC Candidates

Category A: Per Academic Year               K11,800.00                                                       $7,460.00

5. Part Time Fees

  • Part-time fees for postgraduate programmes are charged at 50% of the full-time rate.

Non Tuition Fees

Registration Fees

 Zambian                                                                                                                    Non-SADC Candidates

Registration                                       K500.00                                                             $80.00

Late RegistrationK200.00                                                                                            $30.00

NB: Late registration shall be K200 per additional month after registration period

Examination Fees

 Zambian                                                                                                          Non-SADC Candidates

Part I
Masters Degree/DiplomaK1,000.00                                                                    $500.00

Part II/Research
Master (Thesis)K4,500.00                                                                                  $800.00

Part II/Taught
Master (Dissertation)K3,000.00                                                                         $700.00

Doctor (Thesis)K6,000.00                                                                                  $900.00

Supplementary (Part I)
Examinations (Per Course)K500.00                                                                 $120.00

Re-examination (Internal Examiners)
PhDK2,500.00                                                                                                  $400.00

Re-examination (Internal Examiners)
MastersK1,000.00                                                                                           $250.00

Re-examination (All Examiners)
PhDK4,000.00                                                                                                 $800.00

Re-examination (All Examiners)
MastersK2,000.00                                                                                           $500.00

Other Fees

 ZambianNon-SADC Candidates

Student AmenitiesK150.00                                                                              $50.00

MedicalK200.00                                                                                              $60.00

UnionK150.00                                                                                                 $50.00

MaintenanceK200.00                                                                                     $60.00

Internet ConnectivityK150.00                                                                         $50.00

Student HandbookK200.00                                                                           $60.00

LibraryK200.00                                                                                              $60.00

Suggested Student Upkeep and Research Costs (Payable to the student)

 Zambian & Non-SADC

Hostel Accommodation (Per month)K700.00

Student Stipend (Living on campus per day)K90.00

Student Stipend (Living outside campus per day)K120.00

Research Cost: Masters~ 70% Tuition fees

Book Allowance                 K5,000.00


Here is how to apply for the course.