Master of Science in Plant Breeding and Seed Systems

Master of Science in Plant Breeding and Seed Systems

Changing climate patterns and socio-economic conditions have necessitated the need for accelerated constant development of new and better adopted high performance crop varieties to both small-scale and commercial farmers.  This ensures that farmers have access to quality seed.  Plant breeding is one of the key components of crop improvements programmes. Upgraded human resources that seek to provide critical skills enhance effectiveness of different poverty alleviation strategies including agriculture. The MSc in Plant Breeding and Seed Systems programme aims to produce scientists who meet the immediate human resource demands of the public and private sectors through crop improvement and related disciplines. This goal is realized through research and teaching programmes that link advances in fundamental and applied biological sciences.


2 Years (Full Time)

The applicant must possess:

(i) Degree of Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences with a credit or better of the University of Zambia or another recognized University

(ii) Posses qualifications deemed equivalent to the Degree of Agricultural Sciences with credit or better

(iii) Have had three years of experience after receiving the degree of Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences, or otherwise

(iv) Satisfy the University Senate of their ability to pursue postgraduate studies in their chosen fields.


Notwithstanding paragraphs (i) and (ii) above, the School, at the request of a Department, may require applicants, as a condition for admission to a particular Master’s programme, to take pre-request courses or a qualifying examination at the discretion of the Board of Studies, subject to approval of Senate.

Tuition Fees

Course Work Programmes - PART I

Category Zambian Non-SADC Candidates
Category B: Per Academic Year K14,500.00 $8,660.00

Master by Research and Part II of Course Work Programmes

Category Zambian Non-SADC Candidates
Category B: Per Academic Year K13,540.00 $9,460.00

5. Part Time Fees

  • Part-time fees for postgraduate programmes are charged at 50% of the full-time rate.

Non Tuition Fees

Registration Fees

  Zambian Non-SADC Candidates
Registration K500.00 $80.00
Late Registration K200.00 $30.00

NB: Late registration shall be K200 per additional month after registration period

Examination Fees

  Zambian Non-SADC Candidates
Part I
Masters Degree/Diploma
K1,000.00 $500.00
Part II/Research
Master (Thesis)
K4,500.00 $800.00
Part II/Taught
Master (Dissertation)
K3,000.00 $700.00
Doctor (Thesis) K6,000.00 $900.00
Supplementary (Part I)
Examinations (Per Course)
K500.00 $120.00
Re-examination (Internal Examiners)
K2,500.00 $400.00
Re-examination (Internal Examiners)
K1,000.00 $250.00
Re-examination (All Examiners)
K4,000.00 $800.00
Re-examination (All Examiners)
K2,000.00 $500.00

Other Fees

  Zambian Non-SADC Candidates
Student Amenities K150.00 $50.00
Medical K200.00 $60.00
Union K150.00 $50.00
Maintenance K200.00 $60.00
Internet Connectivity K150.00 $50.00
Student Handbook K200.00 $60.00
Library K200.00 $60.00

Suggested Student Upkeep and Research Costs (Payable to the student)

  Zambian & Non-SADC
Hostel Accommodation (Per month) K700.00
Student Stipend (Living on campus per day) K90.00
Student Stipend (Living outside campus per day) K120.00
Research Cost: Masters ~ 70% Tuition fees
Book Allowance K5,000.00

Here is how to apply for the course.