Consultancy & Training Unit

CTU is the consultancy and training unit at the centre of Information Technology at the University of Zambia ICT skills that you need in this fast growing economy needing everyone to have ICT skills. This is the place. Here at CTU, we meet the needs of both the working class and those not in formal employment and our courses are offered both using CBTs and Instructor Led methods. No need for  academic papers  for you to earn such important skill. So are you a student or just completed your grade twelve or indeed working, come to CTU at UNZA.

Our short courses are:


Educational and ICT Services for the Academic Community (Researchers, Lecturers, and Students):

  1. Teaching Enhancement: Workshops and resources to enhance teaching methods for lecturers, including Teaching Methodology, Digital Literacy courses, and Courses that enhance teaching.
  2. Learning Enhancement: Programs to improve study skills and academic performance for students, offering courses like Basic ICT Skills for computer literacy and software usage.
  3. Research Enhancement: Specialized training for researchers, students and lecturers in advanced research ICT tools, including Data Analysis and Management using software packages such as SPSS, STATA, NVivo, and R.

Training Services for Support Staff:

  1. Deans, Secretaries, Senior Administrative Officers, and Assistant Registrars: Tailored training programs to enhance administrative skills, decision support, digital literacy, and online collaboration. Courses may include Online Collaboration and Email Management.

Revenue Generation and ICT Consultancy Services

  1. System Customization: Customized ICT system design and implementation for universities, companies, and government agencies.
  2. Network Implementation: Expertise in planning and deploying secure and efficient network solutions.
  3. Data Analysis: Data analysis services for researchers, businesses, and government agencies.
  4. Website Development: Design and development of websites for various clients, including government agencies.
  5. System Hosting and Maintenance: Ongoing support for hosting infrastructure, ensuring data security and reliability.
  6. Security Audits: Comprehensive security assessments for organizations, including government departments.
  7. Technology Tools Advisory: Providing advice on selecting the right tools to support learning, teaching, and research needs.
  8. Consultancy Services to External Clients: Providing income-generating consultancy services to external organizations, including companies and government entities, covering ICT system development, network implementation, data analysis, website development, and more.

Provision of Short Professional Courses

  1. 1. Open to the Public: Offering short professional courses on various topics, including ICT, for the general public and individuals.
  2. 2. E-Learning (LMS Short Courses) and Support: 
    • E-Learning Course Development: Creation and support of 100% online short courses for both the public and the university community, accessible through a Learning Management System (LMS).
    • Professional Career Guidance: Professional career guidance, especially for certification routes like CCNA, MCSA, CEH, and other career development paths for prospective students.
    • Training and Support for Faculty: Offering training to faculty members on how to effectively design and teach online courses. This may include providing guidance on best practices for eLearning.
    • Provision of 100% Short Professional Courses: Offering short courses to individuals and groups, both within the university and to the broader public. These courses may cover a wide range of topics, including technology, professional development, and specific skillsets.

Summary:  CTU is dedicated to promoting knowledge, enhancing skills, and contributing to the growth and financial sustainability of the university and its stakeholders.

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