Department of Systems Development

The Systems Development (SD) Department designs, develops, implements, and evaluates computer based information systems for the University of Zambia using Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). These services come in the form of implemented computer based information systems required for both Academic and Administrative Units so as to facilitate the smooth running of their day-to-day operations. 


  • To fully automate UNZA processes 
  • Integrate all the University information systems 
  • Provide a self-service information hub 
  • Provide a central information repository (data source)


Core Purpose

  • Design, implement, deploy and maintain quality automated information systems, and evaluate these systems annually
  • Respond proactively to our clients’ information needs 
  • Provide efficient & effective User Support
  • Provide Secure databases to ensure data integrity

Core Values 

  • We expresses values and traditions of service and excellence
  • We encourage individual initiative and teamwork
  • We are practical, proactive, principle centered and innovative in using technology

Quality Policy

In our pursuit of the University mission and vision, we are committed to actively contribute and participate in ensuring and improving the quality of our services to the satisfaction of our clients (students, lecturers, professional staff and other key stakeholders)