Institute of Economic and Social Research

The Institute of Economic and Social Research (INESOR) has continued to distinguish itself as a centre of research and knowledge generation in the country and beyond. INESOR brings together and consolidates a community of scholars and scholarship on key policy-relevant thematic areas. Currently the Institute implements its research agenda through six interdisciplinary research programmes namely; health promotion, economics and business, urban development, agriculture and rural development, social cultural and governance. The Institute unites all social science research of the University of Zambia.

We remain firmly committed to enhancing our collective efforts and mobilising the broadest possible support towards research in Zambia and the region to inform policies and programs.

INESOR uses and will continue to use high-quality research methods to implement both basic and applied research that is relevant  to both industry and academia.

We disseminate the results of our research through seminars,conferences, journal articles, press releases and other similar research . In additional we also provide an opportunity for scholars from other institutions to share their findings and participate in an intellectual exchange of scientific views.

We are grateful to all our partners (local and international) for their continued commitment to collaborating with us in promoting research development.

In 2023, we remain commitment to strengthening our collaboration with both old and new partners. Our work will remain focused on the six thematic areas, as well as cross-cutting issues such as emerging global pandemics, gender climate change and environment among others.

I welcome you all to join us in any of our various activities and do follow us on facebook @instituteofeconomicandsocialresearch.

Joseph Simbaya (PhD)