Department of History

Professor Bizeck J. Phiri is Professor of History in the Department of Historical and Archaeological Studies at the University of Zambia.

Research Interests
  • Political history of Zambia since the colonial period
  • Civil Military Relations in Southern Africa
  • Defence and Security in the Southern African Development Community
  • China-Zambia Political and Economic
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(b) Self-Published

A History of Indians in Eastern Province of Zambia, (Lusaka: BJP, 2000. (ISBN: 9982-9918-0-9)

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(e)       Refereed Occasional Papers

Bizeck Jube Phiri, Democratisation in Zambia: The 2001 Tripartite Elections, Africa Institute Occasional Paper No. 67, Peace and Governance Programme No. 3 (Pretoria: Africa Institute of South Africa, 2002. [ISBN 0 7983 0159 7]

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(f)        Refereed Monograph

Bizeck Jube Phiri,Strengthening Parliamentary Democracy in the SADC Countries: Zambia Country Report Published by the South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA), 2005. pp.60. (Series Editor, Tim Hughes) [ISBN 1-919969-07-1]

Bizeck Jube Phiri, (As Public Orator) “Citation in Support of Honorary Graduand, Jacob G. Zuma, President of the Republic of South Africa, for the Award of the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Laws (honoriscausa)”, in The University of Zambia Honorary Degree Awards, 1974-2009, (Lusaka: Unza Press, 2010), pp. 61-63.

(g)       Refereed Conference Proceedings

Bizeck Jube Phiri, “The Media as a Tool for Enhancing Public Support for Military Operations in Africa”, The Kamwala Eagle: Defence Services Command and Staff College Magazine, Issue No. 11 (July-December 2015), pp. 32-35.

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(i)         Book Reviews

Bizeck Jube Phiri, The Historical Dimensions of Democracy and Human Rights in Zimbabwe Edited by N. Bhebe and T Ranger, University of Zimbabwe Publications, 2002 for The Journal of African History (2003).

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