Current Students

How to Apply

The university of Zambia has signed off a memorandum of agreement with several partners from all around the world. A number of the agreements include exchange progammes for UNZA students. The exchange programme is done under the terms and conditions set in a memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed off between UNZA and a partner University. Usually fees are waived, and students remain enrolled at their home university (and pay their usual fees to the home university). After accomplishing the programme, exchange students are expected to return to the University of Zambia, and course credits are transferred when appropriate and the student graduates from the University of Zambia.

Under the notifications, students are able to find information on exchange programmes available. Actual announcements will be circulated to the schools and departments. Once a student has found an appealing exchange programme, one can express interest to the Head of Department (at UNZA) by submitting a motivation letter. After a consideration, the Head of Department will recommend the student to the International Link Office at UNZA. International Link Office makes a recommendation for the partner university, where the final decision of receiving the student is processed

Currently, the students selected are mainly postgraduate students. After UNZA has engaged GPA Grading System (See Course catalogue, p.73), undergraduate students can be considered as well. So the accomplished credits can be converted as part of the degree at UNZA.


No available programmes at the moment. Kindly check back soon.


Immigration Requirements

  1. Find out all the expenses required in good time before the exchange programme. Usually student doesn’t pay for the studies or accommodation. Nevertheless ,depending on the MoU signed, all the expenses are not necessary covered, e.g. flight tickets, travel insurance, rent deposit etc. If facing problems to cover extra expenses, ask advice from the International Link Office.
  2. It is highly recommended for a travelling student to take a travel insurance. Also immigration policy of many countries requires that in terms of getting a visa/permit, the student must have an insurance. Take into account that the immigration policy usually defines that the insurance need to cover medical expenses with a certain amount.
  3. Make sure you have informed the partner university of your arrival date and time in good time before your departure from Zambia.