Prospective Students

How to Apply

The University of Zambia offers a number of Internationally recognized degree programmes. Degree students complete their whole programme and graduate from the University of Zambia. The duration of the studies depends on the programme students are fulfilling

Applications are therefore invited from all suitably qualified persons to study postgraduate and graduate programmes.

Available Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programmes are:

Between April and August application round opens and application forms for admission are available at Academic Office at a fee and can also be accessed online from the links below:

Method of Applying

All Application Forms must be obtained from the University of Zambia Website or Directorate of Research and Graduate Studies and undergraduate Application forms may also be obtained in person or may be requested for in writing from the Academic Office, University of Zambia and University of Zambia offices situated at provincial centers or be accessed online. Applicants who wish to send the application fee by post should do so using telegraphic money orders or certified cheque and not cash. The telegraphic order or cheque must bear the applicant’s full names and address. Completed application forms should be accompanied by a payment of a non- refundable application fee of K150.00 for Zambians and US$60.00 for non-Zambians. Postal and Money Orders are no longer accepted. Money should be deposited into Account number (0100110272200 postgraduate – Acc name: UNZA Directorate Postgraduate) and (0100110273800, undergraduate - Acc name: UNZA Registrar’s Department) Standard Chartered Main Branch Lusaka. Thereafter, the applicant is advised to send the original deposit slip to the undersigned:


The Director Directorate of Research and Graduate studies University of Zambia P.O. Box 32379 Lusaka ZAMBIA Tel/Fax: +260-211-290258 Email:,,


Assistant Registrar (Admissions) University of Zambia P.O. Box 32379 LUSAKA Tel: +260-211-295220: Fax +260-211-253952 E-mail:

Language requirements

The medium of instruction and examination for all programmes at the University of Zambia is English. Students admitted to the University of Zambia are expected to be proficient in English Language. You do not need to submit evidence of your English Language proficiency when you make your application to UNZA. Nevertheless, if you have already achieved the required grade and qualification in English language, please attach your grade/qualification along with your other qualifications.

Student admitted to the University may address any foreign language deficiency by taking English language courses to meet the beginning level of proficiency. The University of Zambia offers three (3) level of English language proficiency courses, starting with the beginners elementary level to intermediate and advanced levels. For Complete details on the language proficiency contact the Head of Department of Literature and Languages on email.


There are ? female hostels and ? male hostels within the UNZA campus area. The price range of the shared rooms is ??. The application period for the rooms is in the beginning of each academic year and is coordinated by the Dean of Students. All international students who intend to acquire accommodation within the institution are therefore advised to apply through the office of the Dean of Students by sending their application letter, together with the University of Zambia Admission Letters to The number of rooms is limited compared to the number of students, so it is vital to submit the application letter on time as accommodation is on first come first serve basis.

Alternatively, international students can apply for accommodation through the International Link Office on

There is also student accommodation offered outside the main campuses by private owners, of which information is available at the Dean of Students offices. Price range?

International Students who wish to find their own source or other alternatives for accommodation during their study at the University of Zambia are free to do so. Nevertheless, this might be subject to inspection by relevant University of Zambia authorities so as to ensure that appropriate standards are adhered to.

Immigration Permits and Fees Procedures

For clients applying for residence, diplomatic, spouse, visiting, study, temporary, employment, cross border as well as visas.

Guiding principles in the issuance of permits and visas

The department’s immigration’ policy is based on the following four (4) principles;

  • An immigrant to Zambia must have a contribution to make in form of skills, profession or capital
  • An immigrant should not deprive a Zambian of employment
  • An immigrant should not be a charge on the state.
  • An immigrant intending to settle in Zambia must be in possession of a permit.

VISA Requirements

Please make sure if you require a visa to enter the country. Should you need a visa,please apply for an entry visa at the Zambian Embassy/ High Commission in your country immediately.

Study Permit

This permit is offered to a foreign national who intends to study on full time basis at a Zambian educational institution. Study permit application requirements

  • Application form
  • Two recent passport size photos
  • Photocopy of current passport
  • Photocopy of current visa
  • Letter of acceptance from the Institution/School (admission letter)
  • Status of the host, parent, or guardian if any;
  • Proof of commitment from the sponsor (certification of scholarship, letter from the provider)
  • Medical report from the UNZA Clinic
  • Covering letter from the Dean of Students to the Director- General of Immigration
  • Payment of a prescribed fee (Bank Manager Certified Cheque)

Permit fees

STUDY PERMIT K1,500 K2,000 K1,500 K1,500 Change of School


Immigration Requirements

  1. Fill in the Immigration Application form and submit together with the photocopy of the acceptance letter to the Dean of Students. (Requesting for the cover letter for the Director-General of Immigration)
  2. Obtaining a medical certificate at UNZA clinic (or any recognized health institute within Zambia)
  3. Submit the prescribed fee in the bank and request a bank certified cheque.
    Note: In terms of getting a cheque, most banks in Zambia require you to hold a bank account in the same bank. Bank of China is an exception to this. Notice to be prepared to carry cash to pay for proceeding the cheque (approx. K200-300).
  4. Submit to Immigration Office the application form upon receiving the cover letter and the medical certificate and all the required documents for the study permit. You can find the list of required documents attached.
  5. Remember to carry your passport with you throughout the immigration process

UNZA Registration

  1. Obtaining the students record card at Dean of Students Office
  2. Online registration. Opening an UNZA account.
  3. Depositing the tuition fee to the ZANACO Account number (0100110272200 postgraduate – Acc name: UNZA Directorate Postgraduate) and (0100110273800, undergraduate - Acc name: UNZA Registrar’s Department) Standard Chartered Main Branch Lusaka.
  4. Obtaining the Student Identification Card. Go to STANCHART Bank and make payments (K80) into account number 0100110272300, and Present the receipt to the reception of the library with admission letter, medical certificate and copy of passport for the collection of the card.
  5. Course registration. A tutor/mentor from your department will help you with the registration. Kindly register for course within the stipulated duration.

From International Link Office you will get a document, which proves that you are an exchange student and due to that entitled to have Student Identification Card without any payment. Present this document with medical certificate, acceptance letter and copy of passport to the reception of the library for the procedure of the card.