Research and Training


The University Library is committed to supporting lecturers and students in the research process. We provide instruction to library users on how to effectively use specific information sources both printed and electronic. We also provide research assistance and guidance by offering advice regarding how to conduct research and suggesting sources of information.

Assignment Consultation

Get advice on assignments that help students learn how to research more effectively, get suggestions on resources that are available to support your course projects, or work with a librarian to teach a session(s) to support a specific assignment.

The main library has computer labs for hands-on workshops. We offer workshops for students, staff, and schools. Schools can require (or encourage) their students to attend particular workshops. 

First Year Orientation

The University Library has developed an orientation programme designed for first year student to provide tours of the library and its collections that students will be using. This is aimed at increasing students' comfort levels with the library and introducing them to the lay-out and services of the Library. 

Archives and Special Collections

The University’s library and sub libraries house unique materials (artifacts, letters, images, personal papers, etc.) that provide high-quality learning experience for students. You can arrange a customized tour, based on your course topics and on original primary sources, to introduce undergraduate and graduate students to original research.