Department of Pharmacy

Photo of Dr. Munkombwe
Dr. Derick Munkombwe
Head of Department

The Department of Pharmacy at University of Zambia was established in 2001 and has been operating as a fully-fledged department initially under the School of Medicine and now under the new School of Health Sciences. The Department has been offering relevant pharmacy education programmes which include: the undergraduate Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm) degree programme, the postgraduate Master of Clinical Pharmacy (MClinPharm) degree programme and Master of Science by research programmes in Pharmaceutics, Pharmacy Practice, Pharmacognosy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Clinical Pharmacology and Nutrition, respectively, including Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in pharmacy-related research.

The goal of the faculty of Pharmacy in the University of Zambia is to develop into a School of Pharmacy and mature into an international center of excellence in Pharmacy Education. This will enable full expression and maturation of the various pharmaceutical disciplines that make up pharmacy and facilitate optimal contribution of Pharmacy to the University and society at large.

‘To be a leader in tertiary pharmacy education and research in the region by 2030’
Mission Statement
‘To provide excellent tertiary education and training in Pharmacy in order to address the current and emerging pharmaceutical needs’

The value statement to guide and govern the behaviour and conduct of staff and students in the performance of their duties is as follows:
“We will achieve our vision with: professionalism, integrity, excellence, innovation, equity, accountability, transparency and stakeholder involvement”.
Through this value statement, the department’s staff and students will endeavour to exhibit and conduct themselves in a manner that is beyond reproach at all times, especially when dealing with existing and potential clients.


To produce pharmacists and postgraduate specialists who possess knowledge, attitudes, skills and professionalism to address the current and emerging pharmaceutical care needs.

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