Department of Mining Engineering

Word from the Head of Department

In a world of competing technologies and scarce mineral resources, the mining industry continues to have an obligation of making available these resources to the world community while at the same time ensuring that our earthly resources are efficiently extracted from the ground in a sustainable way.
In order to arise to this challenge, the Mining engineering Department in the School has continued to provide Quality Mining Engineering Graduates to both the Zambian Mining Industry and beyond.

Frequently asked Question by prospective students from within and outside Zambia. Who is a mining Engineer?

A Mining engineer uses different mining techniques to extract minerals from the earth’s crust. He uses surface mining and underground mining methods to reac h to the deposit, enriches the mine by providing the contents that industry needs by transporting the excavated material to the surface. He is responsible for overall design of various excavations in the mine including mine shafts, underground tunnels and ventilation design. Therefore, a Mining Engineer has to be adequately trained for him/her to be able to understand all engineering and technological process in the mine. He has to learn and understand the following courses such as Engineering Mathematics; Statistics and computer applications; Principles of Electricity;   Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics; Mechanics of Materials – Strength of Materials; Geology ; Rock and Mechanics; Mining Geophysics; Computer Graphics  and Mine software applications; Mining Machines; Methodology of Geological Exploration and Mineral Reserves Estimation; Drilling and blasting Technologies; Ventilation and Air Conditioning of Mines and Quarries; Elements of Mineral Processing; Safety Health and Environment; Automation of Mining Processes; Investment analysis; Mineral Production Control  etc.
The mathematics, science, and engineering courses taught to a Mine Engineer helps him/her identify, formulate, and solve practical mining engineering problems.

I therefore welcome all prospective students, academic/research collaborators, mining companies, other interested parties etc. to our school.

Staff in the department