Department of Physics


The Department of Physics is currently involved in research in the fields of Materials Science, Solar Energy and Photovoltaics, Applied Nuclear Physics (Non-Destructive Testing) and Theoretical Physics.  The research in Materials Science is focused on finding materials with properties to improve the performance of solar water heaters and of solar cells.  In Solar Energy and Photovoltaics, the Department is interested in renewable energy solutions for lighting and other applications.  The work in Applied Nuclear Physics is concentrating on finding ways of testing materials without damaging them, which can be achieved through the careful use of radioactive isotopes.  In Theoretical Physics, work is being done on the foundations of Quantum Mechanics by investigating interpretations of the theory which are different from the standard Copenhagen interpretation. These research activities are generating projects for undergraduate final-year students and for Masters’ dissertations.  Thus, students in the Department of Physics have a chance to participate in these research activities.


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