Welcome to the department of Environmental Health located in the School of Public Health at Ridgeway Campus. The department was established as Department of Environmental Health in 2017 and operated as a section since 2006. There are four sections in our department which include Community Health and Built Environment, Pollution Control, Occupational Health and Safety and Food Safety.
Our training programmes include Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health, Master of Public Health in Environmental Health and Master of Science in Occupational Safety and Health. The department also offers short courses in Environmental impact Assessment and Geographical Information systems for Health.

The core aims of our department are to develop health practitioners who will be fully equipped in both social and scientific approaches to promote the health of humankind through evidence based practice and interventions. Our graduates are trained to effectively carry out all aspects of environmental health work, that a newly qualified professional might be expected to encounter.

Many of our graduates work in the field of environmental health; locally, nationally and globally. This may involve working in government ministries and departments (Health, Labour, Local Government and Defence forces), industries (Mines), private sector and voluntary organisations (NGOs). Possible careers may also include: Environmental Health Specialist, Government Policy Advisor in environmental health service, Private sector involvement in the environmental health sector, Administrator, Lecturer and Researcher in learning/research institutions, Private entrepreneurship, Health planner, Epidemiologist, and Health Promotion.
There are a total of nine full time lecturers supported by lecturers from other departments within the school as well as other schools.