A Journal of Contemporary Issues (Published twice a year with ISSN: 1028-3536)


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Alex Mwamba Ng’oma -  BA, MA and PhD - is a ‘hybrid’ lecturer of Political Science and Public Administration based at the University of Zambia. He specialises in Strategic Management, Organisation Theory and Entrepreneurship, but also lectures in a variety of courses in Political Theory and Comparative Politics. He has published several scholarly journal articles and has also written a number of book chapters. Dr Ng’oma is a leading political analyst and interacts very regularly with the plethora of radio and TV stations found in Zambia, as well as with newspaper publishers. Beyond that, Dr Ng’oma is a civil society activist, a community organiser, and serves on a number of organisational and Editorial Boards. He is currently the Chief Editor for Zango: Journal of Contemporary Issues.    



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Florence Tembo-Mpandamabula - BA.Ed, MA - is an Editor at the University of Zambia Press. Her speciality is in English and Literature. She has worked as Editor since 2011 and has edited several books, articles and reports, and serves as a member of two other Editorial Boards. She is currently the Editorial Assistant for Zango: Journal of Contemporary Issues.