Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences (Animal Sciences)

The BSc. in Agricultural Sciences (Animal Science) is one of the undergraduate programmes offered by the School of Agricultural Sciences. This is a full-time programme that aims to equip students with the core principles of animal nutrition (ruminant and monogastric), animal reproductive physiology, aquaculture, and animal breeding and genetics, of livestock of economic interest. Studies in this field analyse effective ways to improve animal productivity. This degree is a five (5) year programme and courses taught include:

  • Anatomy and Physiology of Farm Animals
  • Principles of Animal Nutrition
  • Applied Animal Nutrition
  • Principles of Animal Science
  • Range Management and Forage Crop Production
  • Introductory Statistics for Agriculture
  • Principles of Genetics
  • Beef and Small Ruminant Production
  • Dairy and Rabbit Production
  • Introduction to Aquaculture
  • Pig and Poultry Production
  • Game Ranching
  • Animal Production and By-Products
  • Experimental Design and Statistical Analysis
  • Advances in Animal Nutrition
  • Applied Animal Reproduction
  • Animal Breeding
  • Integrated Aquaculture and Fish Nutrition
  • Animal Health

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  • Applicants from School of natural sciences (UNZA)
    • Candidates who have completed first year from the School of Natural Sciences may enter Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences Degree programme at second year of any programme if they have passed at least any three of the four full courses they take in first year
  • Diploma holders
    • Diploma holders with Credit or better from a recognised agricultural institution may enter the Bachelor of Sciences in Plant Science Degree programmes at second year of any programme provided such applicants have:
      • 5 ‘O’ level passes, which include English, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Biology or Agricultural Science; and 
      • At least one year proven relevant working experience.
  • ‘A’ Levels holders
    • ‘A’ level candidates may also enter any Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences (Plant Science) Degree programme at second year of any programme if they have:
      • 3 ‘A’ Level passes in Chemistry, Biology or Agricultural Science and Mathematics or Physics;
      • At least Credit in ‘0’ Level Mathematics or Physics if not taken in (i) above.

Tuition Fees

Year of Study       Amount                              Period
1st Year      K28,980.00           Per Year
2nd Year      K26,345.00           Per Year
3rd Year      K23,950.00           Per Year
4th Year      K21,774.00           Per Year
5th Year      K19,795.00           Per Year

Foreign Students

Year of Study     Amount                  Period
All Years     K57,173.00     Per Year   

Non Tuition Fees*

Type of Fees Amount Period
Registration K40.00         Per Year
Examination K50.00         Per Course
Recreation K150.00         Per Year
Medical K200.00         Per Year
Caution Fee K182.50         Paid by 1st Years only once at entry (non-refundable)
Internet Connectivity K194.00         Per Year
Graduation Fee K100.00         Per Year
Record Card Fee K50.00         Paid by 1st Years only once at entry
Maintenance and Rehabilitation K165.00         Per Year
Student Union Fee K45.00         Per Year
Academic Fee K10.00         Per Year
Library K100.00         Per Year

*All Students (Except Distance Education Students)

Here is how to apply for the course.