Bachelor of Mineral Sciences in Geology

The Geology Department at the University of Zambia has been a home for pioneering excellent teaching and research for well over thirty five (35) years, with our graduates becoming leaders in both academia and industry. Being the nation’s top public research university, we have extensive and experienced expertise in geosciences, enabling our students to conduct research at the cutting edge. The Department of Geology strives not only to conduct advanced research but to also provide high-quality education at undergraduate and postgraduate level. The Department has well established local research links with government ministries, quasi-government departments and the industries. We provide special tailored trainings in geosciences to meet the demands of our communities. We also enjoy international collaborations with universities and mining industry in research, training and education exchange programs.

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Second Year

Term 1

  • CHE 2415  Inorganic Chemistry
  • GGY 2001  Introduction to Geology
  • PHY 2231  Properties of Matter and Thermal Physics

All Year Round

  • MAT2100   Mathematics Methods I

Term 2

  • CHE2615   Physical Chemistry
  • GGY2012   Earth Resources and Environment
  • PHY2712   Optics
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Third Year

All Year Round

  • GGY3020   Mineralogy and petrology
  • GGY3030   Stratigraphy and Sedimentology
  • GGY3041   Structural Geology

Term 1    

  • Introduction to Statistics

Term 2

  • MIN2109  Introduction to Mine Development
  • GGY3062  Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

Fourth Year

Term 1

  • GGY4071  Igneous Petrology
  • GGY4081  Structural Geology and Plate Tectonics
  • GGY4091  Low Temperature and Applied Geochemistry
  • GGY4101  Geology of Zambia
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Term 2

  • GGY4112  Metamorphic Petrology
  • GGY4122  Isotope and Hight Temperature Geochemistry
  • GGY4132  Mining Geology
  • GGY4142  Computer Techiniques and Programming

Fifth Year

Term 1

  • GGY5151  Engineering Geology and Rock Mechanics
  • GGY5161  Exploration Geophysics
  • GGY5171  Economic Geology of Metalliferous Mineral Deposits
  • GGY5184  Mapping Project

Term 2

  • GGY5192  Econimic Geology of Energy and industrial Mineral Deposits
  • GGY5202  Mineral Economics and Management
  • GGY5212  Hydrogeology
  • GGY5224  Special project

Applicants with school-leaving qualifications shall normally be initially admitted to first year studies in the School of Natural Sciences. They must satisfy the first year requirements of that School before they are admitted to the School of Mines.

Applicants from the University of Zambia or another university or an institution of higher learning recognised by the Senate for this purpose may be admitted to courses of study for the degree of Bachelor of Mineral Sciences, and the Senate, is prepared to consider applications for exemptions from particular courses in respect of such applicants where, in the opinion of the Senate, the applicant in addition to the minimum requirements, holds other qualifications that represent a standard of attainment justifying exemptions from the course for which exemption is sought.

Students with technical qualifications (at diploma level) seeking exemption from the first year courses, may be considered by the School of Mines for admission to the second year in Geology, Mining, and Metallurgy and Mineral Processing under the following conditions:

  1. An applicant should have good ’0′ level grades in Mathematics and an  acceptable Science subject.
  2. An applicant with at least two years industrial experience shall be admitted to the School if he/she obtained an average of C+ in the courses that are equivalent to those ear marked for exemption at the University of Zambia.
  3. An applicant not meeting the requirement in (1) shall be admitted to the  School if he/she obtained an average of B in the courses that are equivalent  to those earmarked for exemption at the University of Zambia.
  4. All applications for exemptions must be lodged with the Registrar (with  supporting evidence) at the time of application for admission.
  5. The maximum number of exemptions which can be granted is the equivalent of sixteen courses i.e., no more than two years can be exempted in a five¬year programme in the School of Mines.

The equivalent courses from a diploma programme at the Copperbelt University are shown in the tables for    the departments of Geology, Mining, and Metallurgy and Mineral Processing together with the courses earmarked for exemption at the University of Zambia. However, diploma holders in these programmes other than those from the Copperbelt University will be subjected to similar selection procedure.

Tuition Fees

Year of Study       Amount                              Period
1st Year      K28,980.00           Per Year
2nd Year      K26,345.00           Per Year
3rd Year      K23,950.00           Per Year
4th Year      K21,774.00           Per Year
5th Year      K19,795.00           Per Year

Foreign Students

Year of Study     Amount                  Period
All Years     K57,173.00     Per Year   

Non Tuition Fees*

Type of Fees Amount Period
Registration K40.00         Per Year
Examination K50.00         Per Course
Recreation K150.00         Per Year
Medical K200.00         Per Year
Caution Fee K182.50         Paid by 1st Years only once at entry (non-refundable)
Internet Connectivity K194.00         Per Year
Graduation Fee K100.00         Per Year
Record Card Fee K50.00         Paid by 1st Years only once at entry
Maintenance and Rehabilitation K165.00         Per Year
Student Union Fee K45.00         Per Year
Academic Fee K10.00         Per Year
Library K100.00         Per Year

*All Students (Except Distance Education Students)

Here is how to apply for the course.