Bachelor of Science in physics

The Department of Physics offers four different B.Sc. degree programmes. These are the Physics single-subject major programme and three Physics double-major programmes where core physics courses are taken in combination with courses from either Mathematics or Chemistry or Geology.

Grade 6 or better in English Language; Grade 4 or better in O’ level Mathematics PLUS Grade 6 or better in Biology, Chemistry and Physics OR Grade 6 or better in Science, Biology(or Agricultural Science) and any other acceptable subject.

Tuition Fees

Year of Study      Amount                              Period

1st Year     K28,980.00          Per Year

2nd Year     K26,345.00          Per Year

3rd Year     K23,950.00          Per Year

4th Year     K21,774.00          Per Year

5th Year     K19,795.00          Per Year

Foreign Students

Year of Study    Amount                  Period

All Years    K57,173.00    Per Year   

Non Tuition Fees*

Type of FeesAmountPeriod

RegistrationK40.00        Per Year

ExaminationK50.00        Per Course

RecreationK150.00        Per Year

MedicalK200.00        Per Year

Caution FeeK182.50        Paid by 1st Years only once at entry (non-refundable)

Internet ConnectivityK194.00        Per Year

Graduation FeeK100.00        Per Year

Record Card FeeK50.00        Paid by 1st Years only once at entry

Maintenance and RehabilitationK165.00        Per Year

Student Union FeeK45.00        Per Year

Academic FeeK10.00        Per Year

LibraryK100.00        Per Year

*All Students (Except Distance Education Students)

Here is how to apply for the course.