Radiographers are healthcare professionals that use radiation for diagnosis and/or treatment of diseases.  They are responsible for imaging of body systems by applying largely complex radiological machinery and skills as in computated tomography (CT), RNI, Angiography, Fluoroscopy, Ultrasound, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).  They are also involved in interventional procedures, radiation Therapy, care of patients, management of radiography practice, research and Continued Professional Development (CPD). The ongoing growth of the Radiography profession worldwide, influenced by technological advancements and increasing demand for improved health care delivery makes the introduction of a BSc degree in Radiography inevitable.
Due to the absence of Radiologists in most hospitals, including some second and third level hospitals in Zambia, there is need to develop a radiography professional that will have extended competencies such as pattern recognition and/or film reporting. The extended radiographic roles in this programme will offer a bridging capacity for diagnostic imaging services in the country.  
Training will focus on the teaching and education of a wide range of attributes, beliefs, concepts as they apply to the care of various age groups. It is against this background that human physiological and sociological concepts will be key in the teaching and learning processes. It is believed that the radiographers graduating from this University shall articulate at both the national and international levels in the development of guidelines for radiation medicine.

  • Candidates should satisfy any one of the following requirements:
    • School Leavers:
      • After one year of study in the School of Natural Sciences with at least a minimum of 10 points.
      • Candidates with GCE A levels in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics
    • Non School Leavers
      • Three-year Diploma holders in Diagnostic Radiography or Radiation Therapy will be admitted at year three.

Tuition Fees

Year of Study         Amount           Period
2nd Year    K28,980.00                               Per Year
3rd Year    K26,345.00           Per Year
4th Year    K23,950.00           Per Year
5th Year    K21,774.00           Per Year
6th Year    K19,795.00           Per Year
7th Year    K17,995.00           Per Year

Foreign Students

Year of Study          Amount                   Period           
All Years    K70,858.00     Per Year

Non Tuition Fees*

Type of Fees Amount Period
Registration K40.00         Per Year
Examination K50.00         Per Course
Recreation K150.00         Per Year
Medical K200.00         Per Year
Caution Fee K182.50         Paid by 1st Years only once at entry (non-refundable)
Internet Connectivity K194.00         Per Year
Graduation Fee K100.00         Per Year
Record Card Fee K50.00         Paid by 1st Years only once at entry
Maintenance and Rehabilitation K165.00         Per Year
Student Union Fee K45.00         Per Year
Academic Fee K10.00         Per Year
Library K100.00         Per Year

*All Students (Except Distance Education Students)

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