Bachelor of Social Work (B.SW)

Bachelor of Social Work (B.SW)

    • Grade 6 or better in English Language
    • Grade 6 or better in ANY THREE subjects chosen from the following category: History, Geography, Mathematics, Economics or Commerce or Principles of Accounts or Business Studies, English Literature or Zambian language or French or Religious, Food and Nutrition or Home Management or Home Economics, Art or Music or Design and Communication or Art and Design Education or Computer Studies, Development Studies or Civic Education and Additional mathematics:
    • Grade 6 or better in any One subject chosen from the following category: Human and Social Biology, Biology, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Combined Science, Physical Science, Agricultural Science, Agriculture, Zoology, Geology, Geometrical and Building Drawing, Geometrical and Mechanical Drawing, Technical Drawing, Surveying, Metal Work, Wood Work, Design and Technology.

Tuition Fees

Year of Study       Amount                       Period
1st Year      K23,462.00    Per Year
2nd Year      K21,329.00    Per Year
3rd Year      K19,390.00    Per Year
4th Year      K17,627.00    Per Year

Foreign Students

Year of Study          Amount                   Period           
All Years    K46,694.00       Per Year

Non Tuition Fees*

Type of Fees Amount Period
Registration K40.00         Per Year
Examination K50.00         Per Course
Recreation K150.00         Per Year
Medical K200.00         Per Year
Caution Fee K182.50         Paid by 1st Years only once at entry (non-refundable)
Internet Connectivity K194.00         Per Year
Graduation Fee K100.00         Per Year
Record Card Fee K50.00         Paid by 1st Years only once at entry
Maintenance and Rehabilitation K165.00         Per Year
Student Union Fee K45.00         Per Year
Academic Fee K10.00         Per Year
Library K100.00         Per Year

*All Students (Except Distance Education Students)

Here is how to apply for the course.