GSB Programmes



The Graduate School of Business was established in 2015 with the aim of offering competitive business programmes at the University of Zambia. The School adopted flexible modes of learning such as fulltime, evening, 100% online, and blended.

Undergrduate programmes offered

Bachelor of Science-Accounting and Finance(Fulltime, Evening and Online)

Bachelor of Science- Business Management(Fulltime, Evening and Online)

Bachelor of Science- Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management

Bachelor of Science-Human Resource Management

Bachelor of Science- Marketing

Bachelor of Science Logistics and Transport Management.

Postgraduate Programmes

Master of Business Administration - Entrepreneurship(Online)

Master of Business Administration- Finance(Online)

Master of Business Administration- Finance and Accounting(Online)

Master of Business Administration-Human Resource Management(Online)

Master of Business Administration- General(Blended, Evening and Online)

Master of Business Administration- Management Strategy(Blended, Evening and Online)

Master of Business Administration-Organizational Leadership(Online)

Master of Business Administration- Project Management(Online)

Master of Science- Accounting and Finance(Blended and Evening)

Master of Science-Entrepreneurship and Innovations Management(Blended and Evening)

Master of Science- Human Resources Management(Blended and Evening)

Master of Science- Operations Projects and Supply Chain Management.(Blended and Evening)

PhD Business and Management( Research and Online)

Online MBA programme

The programme is designed for local and international professionals, looking for a global perspective in business. This international curriculum will help established professionals reach new heights in their career. Upon completion, the graduate student from the MBA Program will be ready to fulfill leadership, management and executive management roles within their community, and will count with the skills, knowledge and application methods to compete in the global market for the same positions. The graduate student from this program is a global leader with initiative, and the tools and methods necessary to maximize the potential of employees, profits for the organizations they work for, and have the confidence and the savvy necessary to start their own projects if they decide to do so.

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What is the duration of the online MBA program?

It is a 2-year program but students with more time and financial resources can finish in as early as 13 months.

What are the different specializations you offer?

Students can specialize in Organizational Leadership, Entrepreneurship or Human Resource Management

How do I apply?

The Graduate School of Business is currently accepting online application for the blended learning programs and the online MBA Click here to apply for one of the online MBA program or Click here to apply for a blended learning program

Can I apply If I am not a Zambian National?

Our online MBA program is open to everyone, regardless of your country of origin.

Will I ever need to travel to Zambia throughout the course of my study?

The MBA program is 100% online and is designed for working adults with busy schedules. You will never be required to travel to Zambia; unless you wish to attend your graduation ceremony.

What are the admissions requirements?

To qualify for admissions, you must complete at least a bachelors degree or its international equivalent and a minimum of 3 years experience.

What payment method can I use to pay my fees

Student and applicants can pay fees using either Bank Transfers or Credit/Debit Cards.

How do I get my graduation documents after completing the program?

Student who are qualified to graduate will receive their documents via FedEx or DHL. In addition, you can travel to Zambia to attend your graduation ceremony.