Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Academic Qualification:

  • BEng (UNZA),
  • MSc (Tongji University, Shanghai, China ),

Teaching-Course taught:


  1. CEE 2219 - Statics and Introduction to Strength of Materials
  2. CEE 3222 - Theory of Structures
  3. CEE 6021 - Numerical Methods in Structural Engineering
  4. CEE 6012 - Finite Element Techniques
  5. CEE 6021 - Numerical Methods in Structural Engineering
Research Interests
  • Structural analysis and design philosophy of steel and concrete structures
  • Optimization of structures
  • Infrastructure Assessment and Rehabilitation

Current research activities:

  • Optimal Design of Steel Portal Frames
  • Quantitative assessment of infrastructure for an Infrastructure Report Card
  • FRP composites in Timber bridge applications

Research Conducted:

  1. Validation and verification practices for computer structural analysis in the Zambian
  2. Application of Cold-formed steel members as primary members in the Zambian construction industry
  3. Building Information Modeling in the Zambia


  1. Adoption of Building Information Modelling in the Zambian Architectural, Engineering and Construction Industry. International Conference on Infrastructure Development and Investment Strategies for Africa Livingstone, Zambia, 2015.
  2. Engineering Institution of Zambia, 2015. 2014 Baseline Report Card for Zambia’s infrastructure.
  3. The influence of chord yield-to-tensile stress ratio on the static strength of unstiffened CHS K-gap joints under static axial loading. Applied Mechanics and Materials Vols. 204-208 (2012) pp 4702-4715.
  4. Development of an Infrastructure Report Card System for Zambia. The 53rd EIZ Annual General Meeting and Symposium Lusaka, Zambia 2009, pp 17-30.
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