Department of Animal Sciences

Photo of Dr. Chibinga
Dr. C. Nkonde
Head of Department

The Department of Animal Science is composed of a unique faculty with diverse expertise and skills in Animal Nutrition, Reproductive Physiology, Breeding and Genetics, and Aquaculture sciences. The department is devoted to Teaching, Research and Extension by linking classroom theory, innovation, and applied research to the benefit of the Animal Science community. The vision of the department is to promote the success and enrich the lives of students, clients and the agricultural community at large. The department offers a diverse curriculum for Undergraduate and Graduate programmes, as well as short production courses in Animal Science. 

Laboratory services

The Department of Animal Sciences has two laboratories (Animal Nutrition laboratory and Anatomy & Physiology laboratory) that are equipped with modern facilities for various services listed below:

  • Proximate analysis of feed samples to determine the values of macronutrients (Water, Crude protein, Ether extract, Crude fibre, Ash and Nitrogen-free extract) in feed samples
  • Microscopy services to observe different animal tissues under the microscope
  • Analysis of macro-organisms (skeletal and muscular systems) in livestock.Agricultural Sciences

Undergraduate Programmes in the Department

Undergraduate Programmes in the Department

Short Courses

  • Small Ruminant (Sheep and Goat) Production
  • Village (Indigenous) Chicken Production
  • Aquaculture (Fish Farming) Practical Skills

Staff in the department

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