Management of the School and Chinese Staff




Mr. Simeon Sayenera Lungu

   School Head Teacher



           Mr. A. Phiri

  School Acting Deputy Head Teacher



   Mr. Phenias Phiri

The Head, Languages Department


     Ms. Yang





The school was opened in 1975. It has grown since then with close to 100 permanent teachers. It has 26 classes in the morning session. Grade 10, 11 and 12 have 6 classes each while Grade 8 and 9 have 4 classes each. The afternoon session has similar numbers. Furthermore, the junior and intermediate sessions have 10 classes, 6 Grade Twelves and 4 Grade Elevens.

The school has been averagely performing academically due to big numbers of learners in classes. In 2016, most Grade Twelve classes have had the population of 50 pupils per class.

The school offers Mathematics, Natural Science, Social Science, Technical subjects, Home Economics and Language & Literature subjects. Under languages, the school offers Chiyanja as a local language, English, French, Chinese and Literature in English.

There are a number of call curricular activities at the school. These include soccer, netball, basketball, volley ball, soft ball, hand ball, badminton, long and table tennis and chess.

Being in the centre of the town, the school is faced with the challenge of space to accommodate the learners from the surrounding residential areas as well as those who come from far and stay in board houses on rent basis.

Chinese Language Education at the school

Chinese as a language was first introduced in the school in 2013. Mr. Sun was the first Chinese teacher at the school. He taught 5 classes, Chinese lessons, for almost two years.

When he left in 2015, he was replaced by two Chinese lady teachers, namely Miss Huang and Ms. Yang. Miss Huang taught 8A for one year and Ms. Yang taught 9B, 9Y and 9I for one year in 2016. From 2017, Ms. Yang has been the teacher for Graders 9A and 8C for the  whole year.

The Chinese teachers have been very friendly. They have been free with all the other teachers in school.

Confucius Institute activities at the school

Since the introduction of Chinese, the school has been involved in a number of Confucius Institute (CI) activities.   In May 2016, the CI held the YCT Test and Chinese Bridge Competition for secondary school students. In October 2016, the CI offered and sponsored a two-week trip to China for some head teachers including the Head for Chipata Day Secondary School. Two Grade 8 students visited China for Summer Camp organized by the CI.


Cultural Activities at the School


   Kungfu lessons


      Members of Staff in the School


Members of Staff of the Languages Department

      Paper cutting with students

                           Chipata Day Secondary School Holds New Spring Activity

In order to enrich teachers and students’ after- school life, and to feel the warmth of the festival, Zhang Fengxiang and Xiong Shijian organized the welcoming to New Spring and Warm Heart Activity on February 14th 2018, at Chipata Day Secondary School. About 30 pupils of the ninth (9th) grade participated in this making of dumpling activity.

Firstly, Ms. Zhang explained the history of the dumpling in a vivid and concise tone; then she explained why Chinese people like eating dumpling in the Spring Festival. After these explanations, everyone couldn’t wait to make the dough, rub the ball, roll out the dough and finally make the dumplings. The pupils were clever enough to learn very well and quickly, so the dumplings were exquisite and unique in form and style. During the activity, laughter, applause, a beautiful and harmonious song of joy filled the room. The whole atmosphere was absolutely warm. With the joyful and harmonious atmosphere, plates of steaming hot dumplings were served on tables.

During the family reunion festival, teachers and pupils gathered together to taste the dumplings made by themselves. Not only did they find themselves in a happy and relaxed mood but also improved the affection between teachers and pupils, close to each other's heart. Warmth and harmony was felt from the big family between Zambia and China.

Pupils at Chipata Day Secondary School learnt about the Spring Festival and came to know the traditional Chinese culture from the activity in their happiness, which further stimulates their enthusiasm for learning Chinese.