Kasama Girls Secondary School Members of Staff





Mr. Andrew Chipili

  Head Teacher



Ms. Jane Tiyezye Gondwe

  Deputy Head Teacher


Mr. Li Dong




School Address:

Kasama Girls Secondary School,

P.o Box 410194,


EMAIL ADRESS:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

PHONE NO.  : 221224


Brief Introduction of the School

Kasama Girls Secondary  school is situated in  Kasama district, the provincial headquarters of the Northern Province. The School was opened in 1965 and it is one of the oldest girls Boarding Secondary schools in the country.  Currently it carters from Grade 8-12 pupils with a population of  1 400 pupils. The school has a population of 65 teaching staff. Among these 34 are male teachers while 31 are female teachers. Though it is a boarding school, the school has day school pupils who come from home however, the number of day school pupils are very few, since most of the parents prefer their children to be in the boarding than coming from home.

Brief Introduction of  Chinese Language at the School 

Chinese as a teaching subject was introduced at Kasama Girls Secondary School in 2014. It is offered both at junior and Senior levels. It is taught by teachers from China. Currently there is one teacher teaching 4 classes, by the name of Mr. Li Dong. Chinese as a teaching subject has four periods in a  week per class.