Chinese Language Education at Sesheke Secondary School 

Sesheke Secondary School is a Government Boarding school located in the Western Province of Zambia. The school follows the Government prescribed education curriculum and in 2013 the Government of the republic of Zambia effected major changes to the education curriculum aimed at equipping the learners with the necessary career paths.

In an effort to equip learners with communication skills and make them ready for the global village, the Ministry of education included learning of Chinese as a foreign language in the curriculum. Thus, teaching of Chinese has been going on in a number of secondary schools around Zambia. Sesheke secondary school has been piloting the teaching and learning of Chinese since 2014 courtesy of the Peoples Republic of China Government. 

In 2015 the Chinese government sent 2 more teachers namely Mr Liang and Mr Jia to replace the former teachers whose contracts came to an end. The new teachers have built on the foundation left by their colleague and went on to establish Chinese room where the Chinese culture is on display. Through their hard work and guidance, in 2016 the school managed to send three pupils to China for the summer camp. Two Grade 12 pupils were also successfully tutored and sat for 2016 Chinese HSK examination which they passed.

Teachers too have been given an opportunity to learn the Chinese language through the Chinese Paradise an initiative of Mr. Jia and Mr Liang. The Chinese paradise initiative enable the teachers study Chinese words and Phrases translated in English from the Black board mounted at central place used by teachers where they take time relax.

 In conclusion, the school has benefited from the Chinese teachers as Pupils start learning Chinese in Grade 8 up to Grade 12. Many of them become fluent along the way and show case their acquired Chinese skills at many public events within and outside Sesheke. Through the Chinese paradise teachers too have pick up some Chinese words and Phrase