Masaiti Boarding Secondary School Members of Staff




Mr. Richman Ndhlovu

     Head Teacher



Ms. Joyce Mwape

  Deputy Head Teacher



Ms. Su Xiaoyan



  Ms. Wu Hongmei




School address and Contact:

 Masaiti Boarding Secondary School,

P.O.Box 22,



Brief  Introduction  of  the School

 The school  is 900m from Luanshya- Mpongwe road, 3.5km from Masaiti Civic Centre going to Mpongwe chief Mushili’s area. Building of the school was completed in 2012 by African Brothers Chinese Company and it was officially opened on 2nd January, 2013. The school started with 5 classes and  22 teachers. Currently the school has 1000 pupils and 44 teachers. There are also new dormitories which have been built for both girls and boys. The motto of  the school is providing excellent education through team work.

Chinese Language course has been offered since January 2014 at this school. At that time, class8A and 10A  were given Chinese lessons. At

present,Class8A,9A,10A and12A are taking Chinese course. The total number of pupils is about 150. So far, we have attained conspicuous

achievement that 33 pupils passed  through YCT(18 for LEVEL1,14 for LEVEL2  and 1 for LEVEL3) ,meanwhile, 5 pupils  gained the chance to

visit China and watch Chinese Bridge Competition , 1 pupil went  to China for Summer Camp as well.

   Confucious Institute Activities at the School

  1. July 2016, there was a Chinese Song Competition and 13 pupils took part in the competition. 

 2.  September 2016, there was a Mid-Autumn Day Celebration, about 40 pupils knew about  Mid-Autumn Day and tasted mooncakes.

 3. October 2016, talking about Chinese charming city, according to some pictures and videos, pupils talked about several famous  cities in  

      China such as suzhou.

 4. November 2016, there was tasting of Chinese Food, about 40 pupils and some local teachers watchedA bite of Chinaand tasted Chinese dish

“Gongbaojiding” “Yuxiangrousi”.