Kalonga Secondary School Members of Staff




Mr. Chrispin Chilufya

   Head Teacher



 Mr. Cliff Kantini

Deputy Head Teacher



Ms. Yang Jingule



Mr. Yang Shuai


  School address and Contact

   Kalonga Secondary School,

    P.O.Box 80925,

   Kabwe, Central Province,


   Phone Numbers:  0977780612/ 0977638274

  Email Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Brief Introduction of the School

   Kalonga Secondary School is located in Kabwe, Central Province of Zambia. The School was built for the children of Africam employees in 1961 and has finally emerged as one of the leading day schools, not only in Kabwe region but also Zambia. Built by the Broken Hill Mine Development Cooperation, it was opened on the 7th August,1961. Kalonga was handed over to government in 1965. There are more than 3000 pupils in Kalonga from grade 8 to grade 12. Kalonga is now fifty six years old and it has moved along way since its raw beginnings. Its ex-pulis are now found everywhere; others are serving in the forces ,broadcasting, the mines and commercial companies.

  Brief Introduction of Chinese Language Education at the school

    At Kalonga Secondary School , the Chinese course was set up in 2014. Until now , there are four Chinese teachers, that is Mr Liu Cheng ,Miss Tang Dongni(they stayed from 2014 to 2015),Miss Yang Jing and Mr Yang Shuai. In 2014 , there was one (1) class for Grade eight (8) pupils only, in 2015, there were another two (2) classes, also for grade eights. This year (2017),there's quiet an improvement we have Grade 8 and Grade 9 classes. The number of pupils who are learning Chinese is more than 100.Besides the language teaching, we also held Chinese cultural  activities.

Confucius Institute Activities at the School

  Chinese Knot, paper cutting, writing Chinese Characters, watching Chinese movies and Chinese songs.

Pictures of Confucius Institute Chinese Activities