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Dr. Judith C.N. Lungu

Deputy Vice Chancello


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  The Great North Road , Kabwe

  Phone Number: +260 211 228 003

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Brief Introduction of the Centre

Mulungushi Univertiy (MU) is the third public University to be established in Zambia. It comprises of two campuses; the Great North Road Campus and the Kabwe Town Campus. Established on 1st January 2008, Mulungushi University is a multilevel curriculum University offering a

wide range of undergraduate, post-graduate degree and diploma programmes in its six academic faculties. The University also offers distance and

lifelong learning programmes, short course and evening classes for students who are unable to attend full-time study.

Brief introduction of Chinese language Education

Mulungushi University (MU) signed the memorandum of co-operative education with Confucius Institute of University of Zambia (CIUNZA) on June 29, 2011,and then became the first teaching post of CIUNZA. The Department of International Relations and Development of School of Social Sciences operated the Chinese language course On September 6, 2012, which was the first time for Zambian public universities to bring Chinese as a compulsory course into University Curriculum system. The credit course is for students of Department of International Relations and Development of School of Social Sciences from the second year to the fourth year. Until now, seven students have passed the HSK (Level 3) Exam and two of them have won scholarships and studied in China in 2014. Two students have been to China for attending and observing the Chinese Bridge for ten (10) daysin 2014 and 2016 respectively.

Besides the credit courses, a Chinese interest class is opened to all the staff and students. Many cultural activities have organised such as Eating Chinese dumplings, Paper-cutting, Chinese Kongfu Tea ceremony, Martial Arts Experiencing, Folding Paper, Chinese Characters writing competition and Chinese Singing and dancing. To help those who want to pass HSK Exam, a training class is also operated twice a week.

Confucius Institute Activities at the School

 (1)  Chinese Bridge Competition

In 2014, one student had won the special prize of the Chinese Bridge competition and have been to China for competition for 10 days. Four students from the fourth year had entered the finals of the competition, and one have won the first prize, one second prize, and two have won the third prize at the Chinese Embassy in May, 2016. The one who had won the first prize has been to observe the “Chinese Bridge” Competition held in Changsha city, China for 10 days in August, 2016.

  (2) Chinese singing and dancing <Qingchun Wuqu>

A Chinese song with dance was choreographed in March 2016 to welcome Zhang Dejiang, the Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China. The performance was put on by eight students and won enthusiastic applause from the audience.  

The students were also invited to perform the program at the 5FM Radio Launch Ceremony for MRS. Geng Hailing, the ambassador’s wife at the National Museum in April, 2016, which was welcomed warmly by the audience. The students were invited again to celebrate Kenneth David Kaunda’s 93 year-old birthday in May, who was the first president of the Republic of Zambia, but was canceled due to a soldier’s death unfortunately. Four of the eight students were invited to the Chinese Embassy for an interview by the Chinese ambassador’s wife in June, and they all passed it and won the Chinese government scholarship. They had gone to China to learn Chinese music and dance in September for a year, and now they are studying in Nanjing Normal University and Southwestern University.

 Cultural Activities at the school